On April 27th, 2014, around 2:30AM, I got bored and decided to give 'I was alone on chat...' another part which did not work out well so I can't promise there'll be a part 7 but who am I kidding no one will look at this anyway.

i am here to respawn the 'i am alone on chat' series
because i'm bored
all i did today was watch gta v lets plays and i formed this liking for gavin free
but i mean it's just
basically if you need a gavin free gif i have lots now because i spend some time looking through gif hunts
damn it
i'm already failing at this i should just stop and go to bed it's 2:30am
...and i have to get up pretty early
see, i'm going to this birthday
it's not a party all that's gonna happen is sit around in their garden (if you can call it that),
eat pie and talk and
i get bored pretty fast so i'll probably complain and say i want to go home
i have to be home on time for the radio show anyway
i'd much rather spend my time watching lets plays but nooo
actually it's my choice if i want to go or not
but i don't go to any birthdays anyway so why not
..this is so stupid
i'm going to sleep now
enjoy.. whatever this is
(and make sure to go to the home page to see gavin's face)