Hello and welcome. I was alone on chat for 15 minutes. Thank you Clary, for coming to chat. (01/03/13 1:14-1:30pm)

I guess that
I'm alone, again
I hope this won't be an hour
because if it is, i swear, i will kill someone
not literally, though
but just--
i will kill.
i do have an evil side
yes, yes i do
idk who you can ask about this
my mom, maybe
i really should stop talking to myself and just read this fanfic i'm reading
i don't wanna
i like talking to myself sometimes, ok
so, school
it was okay
i had cooking class
we made cookies
no, sorry, already ate them.
and today someone was actually nice to me
and it was a guy
this is like the first time in my life this had happened
and i'm happy with it
oh, i also have problems
i ship people in my class, seriously
this dude mark and this dudette sanne are together and they're just so fdasdcgfresdf
and then you have two other people i kinda ship just because i can
so i guess my school-life is getting more fun every day, huh?
it was the last 30 minutes of the last hour
if that makes sense
and i was bored
so i just stared out the window and when i looked at the clock again
20 minutes had passed
i was like dscfgtredsfgr in 10 minutes i can go home
and now i'm home
it's weekend
i wonder when clary will be here
one way, or another, i'm gonna see ya
there were also some genious jokes in class today
i can't tell them here, sorry.
i don't feel like translating everything
maybe if you really want to know you can pm me or something
also, i don't pm anyone anymore
wanna know why?
alright then
people were talking about how i like to pm people
well, i do, so what?
but i guess that i'll stop with that
also, thanks to crystal, once again, for helping me with my tumblr url
i don't know what it means, really
but it's just so pretty and awesome
i need to learn how to spell this chiz though
i have no idea
i was like
weeeell it starts with a...
there's this site called
it was in my book.
yay book.
and i had like a million posts to reblog on tumblr because i had post limit last night
and chat wasn't working (we all know about this)
and i had nothing to do so basicly i was
talking to people from here via ask and stuff
and liking stuff.
today someone had a thing to put things together with.
idk either
there were 10 people today, omg
i like it this way
i'm not good with a group of people
i mean i can't even handle this
but i guess it's alright
it's time for someone to come online now
i've done enough talking-to-myself
and it's weekend
come on.
omg when i typed come on my song was
so c'mon, c'mon
i know
i like quoting shows
today during cooking class i remembered this video i saw
and i was just like
na na na na batmannn
idk if someone got that reference
probably not
just a friendly reminder, i had cookies.
i made them myself.
i can bake cookies now
no, not really
all i did was get the sault and do the dishes, really
and the cleaning
i did do some actual cooking
it was fun.
last week we made mexican eggs.
idk either
i didn't eat it
i mean, come on
tomato sauce and eggs? just, no.
so yeah
i want them to do something with strawberries
but then i was like

So, well, I guess. Thanks for reading. I'm weird, I know, sorry.